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The mobile application that digitizes the job of your in-store or itinerant sales forces.


The mobile application that digitizes the job of your in-store or itinerant sales forces.

Are you looking to digitize and connect your salespeople?
To equip them to sell better and provide information to their clients?
For an all-in-one mobility solution that allows for selling, training, managing clients, managing store inventory, and mobile payments all at once?

KeyVENDOR, the mobile application for in-store salespeople, is the solution.

In-store salesperson application by Keyneo: KeyVENDOR

The features of KeyVENDOR.

Available on tablets, rugged mobile devices or smartphones, under iOS or Android
  • Creation/modification of clients
  • Access to detailed client profiles (identity, contact information, purchase history, etc.)
  • Loyalty (management, viewing, enrollment)
  • Quotation creation, wish list
  • Access to your product catalog and prices by category or search engine
  • Unified stock consultation (store, other stores, web, warehouses, etc.)
  • Price tagging
  • Creation of mixed baskets (in-store, on order, etc.)
  • Placing orders
  • Quotation creation
  • Mobile payment
  • Document consultation(for example sales pitches)
  • Training space
  • Push notifications
  • Receipts
  • Inventories
  • Transfers
  • Returns
  • Order Preparation
  • Picking
  • Click and Collect and Pickup Management

The strengths of KeyVENDOR

For what uses?

Our customers KeyVENDOR

Les nereides
  • Rouge gorge
  • Rougegorge lingerie
  • Seller's tablet
  • We appreciate the user-friendly navigation, smoothness, and customization options of the Keysales sales app. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates in real-time with our other tools (e-commerce site, cash register, inventory, etc.). A true omnichannel solution for our sales team.
  • Camille Lootens, Project Manager at RougeGorge.

Why choose us?

One retail ahead

Since 2007, we've been experts in New Retail. As pioneers, we're constantly accompanying new uses and new sales paths. We have invested over 11,250 days in the development of our platform. Oh, and we're also committed to research: we devote almost 30% of our sales to R&D.

Customizable, ergonomic

Our platform covers 80% of your needs: we adapt to your specific requirements and environment, not the other way around! Designed by users for users, our solution is mobile-first and ergonomic. It can be adapted to your specific needs through co-creation workshops.

Agile architecture

Our KeyBUILD New Retail omnichannel platform is 100% API-enabled, agile & modular, enabling us to easily deploy your new sales paths It integrates easily with the other building blocks of your information system.

Editor and integrator

We are your single point of contact. We're with you every step of the way, advising you on how you'll use the system, designing the solution, customizing it and integrating it with your information system, deploying it and maintaining it in operational condition. We take charge of connections with your tools, adapting to your environment. In this way, we minimize the workload on your IT teams.

Our support

We support you throughout your whole project: advising you on customer and sales paths, designing the solution, customising and integrating with your existing IT. We provide full maintenance.

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Lille – Paris – Aix-en-Provence
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