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Second life in-store

All the modules you need to implement and operate in-store second life with the KeyBUILD New Retail platform

Second life in-store

All the modules you need to implement and operate in-store second life with the KeyBUILD New Retail platform

Are you looking for a solution to set up and manage an in-store offer of second-hand products?

To industrialize your second-hand product sales experiments?

To create and manage second-hand product corners in your existing stores?

Because we’re convinced that there are no two identical ways of setting up a second-hand offer, KeyBUILD New Retail, the agile, modular platform, is your new ally for creating, managing and operating your second-hand or anti-waste routes!

KeyBUILD New Retail, the modular, omnichannel solutions platform for second life

Our agile, modular platform enables you to select the modules you need and connect them to your IT system, so you can operate second life your way.

It includes the following modules :
  • Manage your organizations
  • User and rights management
  • Management of campaigns or collection or sales periods
  • Eligible stores
  • Creation or integration of product sheets
  • Products or categories concerned by second life
  • Management of buy-back and resale prices
  • Product labeling
  • Inventory management
  • Receiving
  • Stocktaking
  • Inventory valuation
  • Customer account management
  • Loyalty
  • Refer a friend
  • Customer welcome
  • Product verification
  • Depositor information: identification, police book, etc
  • Fixed or mobile collection application
  • Issuance of credit notes or vouchers
  • Products collected
  • Sales
Solution digitale anti-gaspi de Keyneo

KeyBUILD New Retail's key strengths

Why offer a second-life product in-store?

OUR CUSTOMERS KeyBuild new retail for the second life KeyPOS

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Our customers

  • Finisterestes
  • Finisterestes29
  • Anti-waste solution
  • With Finisterestes29, some 2,000 baskets are sold every day via the application and website, and distributed in a network of 50 partner retailers in Brittany... In Keyneo, we found the partner to enable us to manage our sales process from A to Z, from the order front to back office management, including mobile checkout at relay points. The modularity, agility and scalability of the KeyBUILD New Retail platform were our main criteria for choice. We also particularly appreciated the responsiveness of the teams, who enabled us to roll out our business in just four months.
  • Karim Vincent-viry, CEO of Finisterestes29

Why choose us?

One retail ahead

Since 2007, we've been experts in New Retail. As pioneers, we're constantly accompanying new uses and new sales paths. We have invested over 11,250 days in the development of our platform. Oh, and we're also committed to research: we devote almost 30% of our sales to R&D.

Customizable, ergonomic

Our platform covers 80% of your needs: we adapt to your specific requirements and environment, not the other way around! Designed by users for users, our solution is mobile-first and ergonomic. It can be adapted to your specific needs through co-creation workshops.

Agile architecture

Our KeyBUILD New Retail omnichannel platform is 100% API-enabled, agile & modular, enabling us to easily deploy your new sales paths It integrates easily with the other building blocks of your information system.

Editor and integrator

We are your single point of contact. We're with you every step of the way, advising you on how you'll use the system, designing the solution, customizing it and integrating it with your information system, deploying it and maintaining it in operational condition. We take charge of connections with your tools, adapting to your environment. In this way, we minimize the workload on your IT teams.

L'actu du new retail

Our support

We support you throughout your whole project: advising you on customer and sales paths, designing the solution, customising and integrating with your existing IT. We provide full maintenance.

Contact us

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