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Next-generation, natively omnichannel and mobile point-of-sale solution for a unified and seamless in-store shopping experience.


Next-generation, natively omnichannel and mobile point-of-sale solution for a unified and seamless in-store shopping experience.


Next-generation, natively omnichannel and mobile point-of-sale solution for a unified and seamless in-store shopping experience.

Are you looking to unify your sales and customer experience between online and in-store?
to process mixed baskets?
to expedite your customers’ checkout process?
for your salespeople to be able to process payments on the go?

KeyPOS, the point-of-sale solution by Keyneo, is the answer!

It allows you to efficiently and quickly manage in-store transactions for all your customers, regardless of their channel and purchasing journey. Available on PC, tablet, or mobile, KeyPOS can be connected to your e-commerce website and ERP. The solution encompasses all the features needed to manage end-to-end omnichannel customer journeys in-store: reception, checkout, sales promotion, and tracking.
It is also NF 525 certified.


A complete, natively omnichannel and mobile checkout solution, adapted to all sales paths.

KeyPOS Features

  • Integrated product repository (PIM integrated)
  • Product nomenclature management
  • Price and price grid management
  • Label printing
  • EAN/QR code scanning
  • Integrated search engine
  • Store inventory management
  • Access to unified stocks (access to stocks in other stores, warehouse, web, etc.)
  • Supplies
  • Receiving
  • Stocktaking
  • Stock movements
  • Customer repository
  • Loyalty engine and loyalty card
  • Refer a friend
  • Offers and marketing action engine
  • Marketing highlights
  • Push notifications
  • Transactions, sales, closures
  • Quotation or wishlist retrieval
  • Mixed and unified shopping carts (in-store, on order, web, etc.)
  • Cart hold
  • Line or total discounts
  • Deposit management
  • Payment splitting
  • Multi-payment: autonomous or manual credit card, QR code, cash, checks, gift cards, vouchers, account customers, meal vouchers, etc.
  • Native connectors with payment terminals (Ingenico, Verifone, Adyen, Nepting, etc.)
  • Printing or electronic receipt and credit card
  • Printing or electronic invoice
  • Opening and closing of cash register
  • Z report
  • VAT management
  • Accounting exports
  • Sales tracking by organization, users, period, categories, products, etc.
  • Transaction tracking by organization, period, devices, payment methods, etc.
  • Item return and exchange
  • Credits
  • Organization management
  • User, roles, and rights management
  • Multilingual and multi-currency
  • Cash drawer
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Keyboard
  • External screen

An all-in-one tool on your smartphone

Make the most of fluidity and mobility: carry out all your operations on your smartphone, right through to collection and payment, thanks to SoftPOS. The whole purchasing process, in the palm of your hand!

Key Strengths

All features available for both fixed and mobile checkout

For what uses?

Our customers KeyPOS

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Our customers

  • Marionnaud
  • Marionnaud
  • Mobile payment software
  • A solution that allows our in-store sales staff to cash in anywhere, at an advice point or on the move, and to process all omnichannel paths (e-booking, customer orders, ship from store).
  • Omar El Ferachi, Project Director
  • photo_latribu_verbatims
  • La Tribu
  • Keyneo's POS and stock management solutions are intuitive and quick to learn! A real change from the solution we used in our previous store, Søstrene Grene. The project support was also equal to the challenge: to open our 1st store in just 2 months! A successful challenge, thanks to the collaboration of all our teams.
  • Charles Risso, co-founder of La Tribu
  • tikamoon-encaissement
  • Tikamoon
  • POS and stock management
  • The Keyneo POS solution is intuitive and easy to learn. Installed on our iPad tablet, it enables us to collect on the move in the store, as close as possible to the sale and the products, without friction between the advice and the actual sale.
  • Jérémy, Tikamoon Lille store manager

Simplify all omnichannel journeys in-store.

Why choose us?

One retail ahead

Since 2007, we've been experts in New Retail. As pioneers, we're constantly accompanying new uses and new sales paths. We have invested over 11,250 days in the development of our platform. Oh, and we're also committed to research: we devote almost 30% of our sales to R&D.

Customizable, ergonomic

Our platform covers 80% of your needs: we adapt to your specific requirements and environment, not the other way around! Designed by users for users, our solution is mobile-first and ergonomic. It can be adapted to your specific needs through co-creation workshops.

Agile architecture

Our KeyBUILD New Retail omnichannel platform is 100% API-enabled, agile & modular, enabling us to easily deploy your new sales paths It integrates easily with the other building blocks of your information system.

Editor and integrator

We are your single point of contact. We're with you every step of the way, advising you on how you'll use the system, designing the solution, customizing it and integrating it with your information system, deploying it and maintaining it in operational condition. We take charge of connections with your tools, adapting to your environment. In this way, we minimize the workload on your IT teams.

L'actu du new retail

Our support

We support you throughout your whole project: advising you on customer and sales paths, designing the solution, customising and integrating with your existing IT. We provide full maintenance.

Contact us

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A point-of-sale and store management solution designed for all situations!

Retail is constantly evolving. With the rise of omnichannel commerce, consumers expect greater ease and fluidity in their purchases. Checkout, the final point of contact in the customer’s shopping journey, is no exception. It must serve to enhance the quality of service. It should be more flexible to reduce wait times for customers, with features like mobile checkout or self-checkout, for example. It should be more integrated, enabling better support for customers between their in-store visits and online purchases. It should be more ergonomic, allowing for quick adoption by sales teams. In a rapidly changing retail landscape, checkout is taking a new turn and is becoming an essential ally in a resolutely omnichannel commerce environment. Discover KeyPOS, our NF 525 certified point-of-sale software, a comprehensive solution for effective store management.

Solution d’encaissement nouvelle génération !

Autrefois cantonnés à faire les comptes en fin de journée, les logiciels de caisse magasin ont depuis bien changé. Ils sont les accélérateurs du retail omnicanal et les garants d’une expérience client unique. Ainsi, la centralisation de la connaissance client (accès aux comptes clients, au moteur de fidélité, etc.), permet de retrouver un panier commencé sur un site ecommerce et de le terminer en magasin… et réciproquement. De la même manière, le logiciel d’encaissement couplé à un order management system permet d’accompagner tout type de parcours de commande, de retrait ou de retour produit. Un jeu d’enfants pour une expérience client fluide.

L’encaissement nativement omnicanal, un atout de vente

Faire du paiement un atout, c’est possible ! KeyPOS, la solution d’encaissement nativement omnicanale de Keyneo est mobile first. En cas d’affluence en magasin, ou pour accompagner votre client au fur et à mesure de sa visite, le vendeur peut proposer au client de l’encaisser directement sur la surface de vente, sans passer par la case caisse. C’est ce que l’on appelle le queue-busting. Équipé d’une application sur tablette ou terminal mobile (disponible sur android, Ios et Microsoft), le vendeur accède à la fiche de son client, consulte les achats passés ainsi que les informations relatives à la fidélité du client avant de l’encaisser. Le ticket de caisse sera alors envoyé par email. A noter, l’encaissement via une application permet également l’organisation d’événements hors les murs (comme pour un salon ou une vente éphémère par exemple), toutes les fonctionnalités de la caisse étant intégralement disponibles en mobilité.
Par ailleurs, couplée à un order management system, KeyOMS, notre solution d’encaissement permettra, en cas de produit non disponible en magasin, de consulter les stocks web et des magasins alentour en temps réel. Le vendeur pourra alors proposer à son client revenir chercher son produit plus tard, ou de le recevoir à son domicile par exemple.

KeyPOS, une solution d’encaissement certifiée NF525

Notre solution d’encaissement nouvelle génération nativement omnicanale, KeyPos, est certifiée NF525 par l’AFNOR. La certification est un gage de garantie et de qualité sur la conception et l’ergonomie de notre logiciel de caisse magasin . Elle valide également la fiabilité et l’intégrité des données collectées via le logiciel d’encaissement, ainsi que la conformité aux lois de finance et au code général des impôts. Cela nous permet de proposer la mise en place de l’intégralité d’un système de caisse magasin.

Le pivot du magasin omnicanal

Au cœur du retail, la caisse magasin est le dispositif central, pivot du commerce omnicanal. Elle unifie l’ensemble des process, de la réservation au click and collect, en passant par la réception marchandise. Par ailleurs, KeyPOS intègre nativement l’order management system : elle permet d’obtenir une vision unifiée des stocks, de l’activité retail via l’accès aux offres en cours, du client sur l’ensemble de ses parcours, ainsi que sa fidélité.

Fonctionnant en mode SaaS (software as a service), notre caisse fonctionne également en mode déconnecté afin de pallier toute panne réseau.

Les équipes de Keyneo sont à votre disposition pour échanger sur votre projet.

Vous recherchez une caisse nativement omnicanale ?